How Do I Apply For An Asset Loan?

We want to help individuals and companies who are unable to gain assistance from mainstream lending institutions. Typically, before we approve your loan, we will require that you have a steady source of income so that you can make monthly payments on your loan; however, we understand that many individuals lose their jobs and find themselves in very complicated situations. Speak to us about your current financial situation and we will help you by lending you money against your assets.

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Enquire About Our Asset Loans:

Enter your details below. Please note we only give loans against paid up assets that people already own. We unfortunately do not offer PERSONAL LOANS!

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    We make sure that when you apply for an asset loan with The Loan Company, the process is hassle-free, quick and discreet. To start the process, fill in our simple contact form and we will contact you for more information and arrange a convenient time to meet with you, assess your asset and conclude a loan agreement with you. Once all that is done, we will transfer the funds to you right away so that you can have cash-on-hand!

    5 Easy Steps To Apply For An Asset Loan:

    Step 1:

    Determine which of your assets are fully paid off

    • Assets must be completely paid off
    • Only the owner of the asset can apply for an asset  loan
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    Step 2:

    Apply online and we’ll contact you to determine the loan amount

    • Fill in our contact form or give us a call on 079 159 4389
    • We will determine the amount you can loan against your asset/ assets
    • If you are happy with the proposed offer, you can come to our offices to get a loan

    Step 3:

    Visit our offices and bring all important documentation:

    • ID & Drivers Licence
    • Proof of Address
    • Original Registration Document (Known as NATIS)
    • Both sets of keys, service books, etc.

    Step 4:

    Complete our application process:

    • Bring your asset for an evaluation
    • Don’t forget the required documentation
    • Complete the application form if you are willing to proceed
    • We will transfer the money to your account while you wait
    • We will store your asset in a safe and secure storage facility

    Step 5:

    Once you have paid back your loan, you will get your asset back

    • You will need to pay back the loan in full including the interest and all costs
    • Collect your asset from our offices