Assets We Accept

The Loan Company uses primarily the following movable assets as surety for your loan. The more valuable the asset, the higher loan you can obtain.

  • Cars
  • Bakkies
  • Motorbikes
  • Other Assets
  • Boats
  • Trucks
  • ATV | All Terain Vehicles
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Enter your details below. Please note we only give loans against paid up assets that people already own. We unfortunately do not offer PERSONAL LOANS!

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    Are you in need of a cash loan?

    Well, you can have the value of your most expensive assets in your bank account within a few hours. We provide both individuals and businesses with the opportunity to take out a cash loan against their assets.

    Don’t resort to selling your assets in a hurry or spending hours trying to get a loan approved by a bank. Apply for a flexible, short term loan with The Loan Company. We offer straightforward, trustworthy and discreet services to our clients.

    Our goal is to make your assets work for you!

    We secure loans based on the value of your property or movable assets. The assets serve as surety for your loan. Once you pay back the money we lend you, we return your assets to you.

    If you have any queries regarding what assets you can can get a loan against, contact us today. We will gladly discuss your unique situation with you and come up with a solution perfect for you.

    We strive to give you the most generous loan offer possible based on the value of your assets. You can rest assured that all assets in our possession are kept safe.

    The Loan Company uses primarily the following assets as surety for your loan:

    Side of white car


    Black pickup truck with backpack on the back


    Man in red on quadbike drifting

    ATV | All Terain Vehicles

    Motorcycle with a person with blue jeans


    Caravan with attached bike in forest

    Other Assets

    Big white yacht on water


    Fleet of trucks driving on the road