Property Loans

How To Use Your Property To Get A Loan

If your property is paid off or bond-free, we are able to assist with a loan against your property. You will be able to continue using the property as per normal so the loan will not affect the use of the property in any way.


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How To Use Your Property To Get A Loan

Do you need money right now? If you have a property, we can help you get cash quickly. We can use your property as collateral for a loan. We will assess your property and give you an asset loan against your property. We assess each situation on an individual basis, so there is not a set loan to value ratio.

We will lend the money to a company, cc or trust with three or more trustees as per the borrower’s nomination.

In other words, the borrower does not need to own the required security. Any person or entity can give their property as surety for another person, for example: if a company needs money the director can use his personal house as surety for a loan.


All Your Questions Answered:

Will my credit history affect the loan?

It doesn’t matter what your credit rating is, we look at the security i.e. is there enough value in the security in the property to cover the loan amount and its interest.

What is the average period over which the loan will be granted?

Contractually 3 to 4 months, but if you elect to pay your interest monthly then we will continue to “extend” your loan on a month to month basis by agreement.

What fees are involved in the transactions?

The bond registration fees depend on the size of the bond. Fill in our contact form for more information on the bond registration fees. Other costs include R2500-00 contract fee and R342-00 per payment made or received. Interest is calculated daily only on the outstanding amount and interest will be compounded monthly if it is not paid.

What securities would be considered as surety on the applications?

Primarily immovable property and we do consider a JSE share portfolio etc. but we do not consider policies.

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